River Noguera Pallaresa

This river is the second largest basin of Catalonia and which is situated to the west of the region. The Noguera Pallaresa is a very brave, mighty and good fishing river. It is a river of great beauty and spectacular scenery.

It is a river for experienced fishermen. Its brown trouts are fierce, wild and are not fooled easily. It has a length of 60km and is a fishing preserve in 85% of its length. It has several "catch and release" areas and all the free zone is "catch and release". In this river fishing is permitted from mid-March to mid-October. The best time of the year is summer (June, July and August) and autumn (September and October).

All types of fishing (dry fly, wet, nymph and streamer) are suitable for this river. In the upper river there is a semi-reservoir area that it is well-known for its very good fishing. This area leaves no fisherman indifferent since fishing is abundant and provides an unforgettable experience both in summer and autumn. In this area it is possible to catch trophy-sized fish and it is quite likely to get good catches.

The Noguera Pallaresa has a major tributary, also for fishing, the river Cardós. This river has a large population of medium-sized trout, very brave and spirited, and difficult to fool. It is a very interesting and entertaining place to fish, and dry fly fishing and nymphing give the best results. The best times of the year to fish are summer (June, July and August) and autumn (September and October).

These rivers are two and a half hours drive away from Barcelona, so it is advisable to take a two- day fishing trip. The accesses to the rivers are plentiful and quite convenient.

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