Rivers Ter y Freser

This is another important basin of Catalonia and it is located in the east of the region. The Ter is the main river (about 60km) where the predominant species is the trout. In the lower section you will also find a large population of rainbow trout. The Freser is a tributary of the Ter and has a good population of brown trout, the majority of them are native and their overall size is medium.

The Ter has very good fishing areas to spend unforgettable days, with catches of very good size and some trophy-sized. Both rivers provide good fishing and have plenty and convenient access. This river has a large area where trout fishing is allowed every day of the year. In the rest of the river and its tributary, the Freser, fishing for trout is permitted from mid-March to mid-October.

In both rivers fishing can be done well in all categories, especially in dry, nymph and wet fly. In wells and deep wetlands, streamer fishing is also possible. The two rivers have several fishing preserves and are "catch and release" in 80% in total. Free zones are all "catch and release". The best seasons are spring (March, April, May and part of June), summer and autumn also provide good fishing days. These rivers are located an hour's drive from Barcelona. The whole journey is on the motorway.



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