River Segre

The Segre basin is the most important one of Catalonia. It has almost 80km of river where the predominant species are the brown trout and the rainbow trout. It also has an important population of large barbel. The Segre trouts reach great dimensions and there are quite good chances of catching specimens, some of them trophy-sized.

The trouts of the upper river (about 40km) are brown ones, hugely brave. The river is wide, flowing and a pleasure to fish in. It has many convenient accesses and it is often possible to park the car near the shore. The Segre has several tributaries of great interest, with a large population of brown trout and where catches are usually considerable but not big in size.

The Segre has several sections where fishing is allowed every day of the year due to its characteristics. In the rest of the river, fishing is open from mid-March to mid-October. This river is fished very well in all the modalities: dry fly, wet, nymph and streamer. The river is a fishing preserve in 70% of its length and is largely a "catch and release" area. Free zones are all "catch and release". The best seasons are summer (July and August) and autumn (September and October). The river is located an hour and a half away from Barcelona. The journey is very comfortable.

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